Artist Statement

I use abstraction and focus in my art to help people really see the natural world: the landscapes, the elements, and the objects that we often take for granted.  I might zoom in on a single rose, distill a specific element, or else pan out, incorporating the female form into a landscape.

Cubism intrigues me because everyone sees something different in a given piece.  The lines and shapes seem to stimulate a viewer's imagination, turning him into the artist as much as I am.  Impressionism was my first love; it might be the most accessible style for today's audiences, but is no less evocative for that.

In prehistoric times, artists painted things that meant "I live another day", "I can feed my family", or "We will make it to the afterlife".  Art had another meaning then, and I hope to honor that by reminding people of the ingenuity of the natural world.